The Quality System Procedures are prepared under the heading of System Procedure in line with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and the stated Quality Policy and objectives. This includes procedures needed by the organization to ensure effective control of processes. The Quality System Procedures are supported by Work Instructions and specific forms.

Project Quality Plans

Alumetal’ s commitment to the delivery of quality products and the performance of the highest service is not limited within the confines of its offices but at every project. Project Quality Plans are developed with each being specific to the requirements of clients. This Quality Plan sets out the standard procedures to be used in undertaking and controlling the works which will be carried out for the construction of any project.

The Project Quality Plan establishes how the company’s Quality Policy and project goals are to be achieved during the execution of a project.

The Quality Management System is planned and developed to meet the customer requirements and quality objectives. The organizational processes are defined and their inter-relationship identified. The output of these processes is monitored to ensure effectiveness and efficiency of the processes.

The members of the Management Board are committed to this Policy and to the implementation and maintenance of the highest standards of health, safety and welfare across the company. We expect every member of ALUMETAL, to share this commitment and to work together to achieve it.


Alumetal acknowledges their duties under the occupational health & safety regulations and rules in force in the Dubai emirate.

We provide suitable means to protect our employees from the dangers of accidents and occupational diseases that may occur while carrying out their duties at work.

In fulfilling this policy, we provide a safe and healthy work environment for all staff, and strive to identify all hazards to health and hygiene, safety, property damage and to eliminate or control them in the best practicable manner. Our objective for risk minimization covers our staff members, visitors, property and work-in progress.

To complete successfully, we continually strive for excellence in safety, quality and productivity. Our Supervision team provide the leadership necessary to accomplish these goals and ensure that we continually seek ways to improve our control of all risks. They conduct themselves responsibly, respecting established rules and procedures and perform their jobs in a manner that we have jointly established as the right and safe method.

Everyone is encouraged to carry this safety and health commitment from our workplace to the home in order that it’s influence and example benefit those who are so important to us.